T.S. Pink 6-Pack Assorted Palms

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6 Select Palmstones with a SoapRack, in a special gift package. Features; Amethyst, Jade, Opal, White Opal, Tiger's Eye and Malachite Palmstones. Beauty Benefits:Soap Rocks are very mild and extra...
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6 Select Palmstones with a SoapRack, in a special gift package. Features; Amethyst, Jade, Opal, White Opal, Tiger's Eye and Malachite Palmstones.

Beauty Benefits:
Soap Rocks are very mild and extra long-lasting. 
As they gently cleanse, each soap will weather away like a stone in a stream in geologic time, ever so slowly exposing the beauty locked away within. 
They make an extraordinary statement next to any wash basin or shower or tub.
Made with organic ingredients and no animal testing.

Gentle glycerin soap is hand-crafted using a complex layering process to make beautiful, gemstone-like soaps. Several premium soap bases are required to bring such wonderful washing qualities to Soap Rocks™, and the attention to detail in the soap design is breath-taking.


How do you integrate an eclectic background in Conceptual Art, Geology, Cooking, Gardening, and a little Chemistry thrown in for good measure?
SoapRocks, of course. It only took me 36 years and a shower one cold February morning with just soap scraps to use for washing. After a minute, I looked down at the object in my hand and saw a rock where pieces of soap used to be. There it began. Soap-Rock! SoapRocks! That light bulb moment and seven years of integrating herbs, oils, and wholesome ingredients changed the nature of bathing forever.

Here Are A Few Of My Thoughts About SoapRocks.
Soap reaches its consummation in SoapRocks® bath soaps. As a study in diminishing beauty, they bring wonder to daily life, transforming the most mundane of tasks into an inspiring daily reminder of nature's beauty. Unlike keepsakes, which are put up on a pedestal and soon forgotten, the beauty of each SoapRock is magnified in action! Under water, lighting up with brilliant natural color, their smooth stone-like texture will gently cleanse with a light lather, leaving your skin soft and refreshed. Discover the ever-changing contours of SoapRocks® bath soaps and let their beauty become you.

One Question We Often Get Is This:
As beautiful as they are, how could you ever use them?
How could you not?

Each SoapRock® soap bar lights up under water, and over many uses, slowly weathers away in your hands like a stream stone in geologic time. SoapRocks® soap bars are endowed with extracts of earth: Aloe, Calendula, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil. Thus you can experience a beauty that penetrates, yet is skin deep. Prepare yourself for a consummate washing experience. They are a hybrid dense glycerine soap that lifts very little oil off of the skin as they gently cleanse. They are the art that touches us intimately, teaching us to appreciate beauty by using it, and letting it go.

What Becomes A Work Of Art? ..... You Do.

Todd Pink

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